Logic Clothes – women’s clothing brand, originally born in Kiev, Ukraine in 2015.
Simplicity, logic, originality, femininity, comfort, natural fabrics and democratic pricing – are Logic clothes’ DNA
Logic Clothes — We pay much attention to details. We adore working with cotton, wool, silk and linen fabrics as well as with new generation of fabrics: tensel, eco leather. Rare prints are our favoritеs.
Logic Clothes — We are certainly sensual, feminine and girlish. Sometimes amusing. But always emotional.
Logic Clothes — is a pure emotion, that deals with fashion context, trending and future inspirations.

Logic Clothes — We usually do not produce in big quantities, that is why when we say uniqueness, we MEAN in. Every Logic Clothes item is made in Ukraine, with love and attention to the quality.
Be unique. Be emotional. Impress. Spend a little budget on what you will really love and wear a lot. Love your clothes. We are Logic clothes.